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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Five Questions That Will Make Buying a Breeze at Our NJ Car Dealerships

Buying a used car actually takes more effort than shopping for a new one. Pre-owned vehicles come with performance histories.  For example, automotive specialists at our car dealerships in New Jersey fully inspect every used car before we allow it on our used car lots. We know our inventory so well, it's like we were the original owner. We can answer all of the questions you may have. We aim to help a potential buyer find an ideal car at the best price possible.

Unlike a private seller, we want to build a lifelong trust with our customers. Unlike an Internet seller, used vehicles at our car dealerships in New Jersey are available for inspection and test drives. Unlike a website auto auction, we don't expect buyers to pay cash for every purchase. And, unlike all of these other avenues, we aren't afraid to answer questions; in fact, we encourage customers to ask questions about the cars they are interested in buying.

No matter where someone shops for a used car, there are at least five basic questions that a buyer should ask before buying:

1. Is this a one owner car?

Several prior owners may indicate problems that are not visible without a trained eye.

2. Does the vehicle have any remaining warranties or guarantees that can be transferred to a new owner?

While we would certainly let you know, there have been plenty of Internet purchases that have left new buyers in the dark.

3. Will the dealership offer any parts and service guarantees, either in number of days or miles?
 A guarantee on a vehicle's performance is a buyer's safety net against unknown problems.

4. Ask for a CARFAX report.

Check that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the report matches the VIN on the vehicle. Notice if the car's prior locations were in flood- or storm-damaged areas.

5. Ask if the vehicle has all original parts and if there was any damage or accidents.

The majority of owners buying used cars from our car dealerships in New Jersey qualify for dealer financing. We also help buyers with the title and tag paperwork needed to register their cars. Our goal is your satisfaction, and our reward is gaining your trust and repeat patronage.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Choosing a New or Used Car in New Jersey

A car buyer today has many great options to choose from. From cars and trucks to SUVs and minivans, there is a full range of choices available-- but should you buy new or used? Both approaches have their pros and cons, and here are some of them:

Pros of Buying New Cars
The main advantage to buying new is that you can get exactly what you want, when you want it in the perfect condition. While we have a very large inventory of pre-owned cars, it's not quite as easy to find the exact thing that you are looking for as it is with a new car. 

Another great thing about buying a new car is the warranty; most auto manufacturers provide a solid powertrain warranty that will protect your vehicle in case it needs a repair early in life, though many of our certified used cars will also have solid warranties.

Cons of Buying New Cars
The main issue with buying a brand new car, of course, is the price. While representing a great value in today's economy, a new car will depreciate much faster than a similar used car and though pristine condition may be worth the price for many of today's buyers, value is a factor to consider. For those with tighter budgets, a used car may also make more financial sense.

Pros of Used Cars
While the price benefits to buying used are obvious, there are other perks. Buying a pre-owned vehicle is great for the environment and keeps cars on the road longer. Our expert mechanics inspect all of our used vehicles so that you can be sure that they've been checked for quality and value (we only sell the best of the best used cars on our lot).

Cons of Used Cars
One con to buying a used car is that it will have somewhat less life left in it than a new one, depending on how many miles the vehicle already has on it. While the used car will be in good working condition (or we wouldn't be selling it to you), a new car will almost always last longer by simple virtue of the fact that it hasn't been driven yet. However, by buying and properly maintaining a relatively recent vehicle, customers can get many years of service out of any used car on the lot.

Whatever your needs or preferences, we have some of the best new and used cars in New Jersey at great prices. Let us wow you with our service!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Fuel Efficient Cars Offered by Toyota Dealers in NJ

Fuel efficiency isn't just a catchphrase. At a leading Toyota dealer in NJ, fuel efficiency is the hallmark of a great brand that produces more fuel-efficient vehicles than any other automotive leader. At AutoLand, we pride ourselves on the number of fuel-efficient vehicles that we are able to offer to the public.

Most consumers know about the bestselling hybrid Prius. There are now four Prius models including the compact, the bigger V, and the plug-in: generally, the Prius delivers 50 mpg fuel economy in the city and on the highway; the Prius V offers gas mileage in the mid-40s; the Prius c pushes the limit toward 55 miles per gallon. These cars are proven gas mileage leaders and are very affordable.

The Toyota Yaris is the ultimate commuter car. Small for tight parking spaces, it gets 30 mpg/city and 37 mpg/highway and drivers can choose from a rainbow of fun colors. With its low price tag, the Yaris attracts many first-time buyers and budget-conscious consumers.

The Toyota Corolla, one of the bestselling small sedans ever, gets a notable 27 mpg/city and 34 mpg/highway. The Corolla is favored as both a commuter car and family car. With room for five, it offers an economical way to handle school carpools, soccer games and shopping trips.

The Camry is Toyota's bestselling sedan. The model offers a roomy backseat for teens and children, and LATCH anchors and tethers keep toddler car seats and infant carriers in place. Despite its generous size, the Camry has been carefully engineered to achieve 25/35 city/highway fuel economy. With gas mileage like that, this family vehicle easily doubles as a spacious commuter car for work carpools.

The new Camry Hybrid provides even better fuel economy. Combining a four-cylinder gasoline engine with an electric motor, this car is able to get 40 miles to the gallon in the city and on the interstate.

These outstanding, fuel-smart vehicles are available now at your local Toyota dealer in NJ. Customers should visit AutoLand while the selection of 2013 models is at its peak.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Get the Right Car with Auto Dealers in NJ

Are you looking for a new car to suit your lifestyle? Here at Autoland, we have vehicles to fit any customer's needs. Whether you are part of a family in search of a comfortable, roomy SUV or a young single looking for a sporty ride, we will work with you to find the perfect vehicle -- one that will last for years to come.

Our auto dealers in NJ will show you a new way to buy a car. Instead of taking you to the most expensive automobiles on the lot, our experienced and knowledgeable salespeople will direct you towards a car that is appropriate for your lifestyle and budget. With many years of service in the auto industry, our NJ car dealers know how to match the person to the car for optimal satisfaction.

Working with our customers to really understand their needs builds a level of trust that allows us to better serve them. After the car has been purchased, we're there to provide maintenance, service and advice on add-on features. With this kind of relationship between our dealership and clients, Autoland is happy to have one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the state.

Let us work with you to find the car that you'll love to drive. While it may only take a day to choose the vehicle you want, you'll be driving it for a long time to come, so the decision should be made carefully.

Come prepared with some questions for the dealer:

·         What kind of financing options do they offer?
·         How much does the warranty cover?
·         Do you get any extras?
·         What kind of amenities does it have?
·         What's the best car if you want good gas mileage and lots of space?
·         How many airbags are there and where are they located?
·         What's the towing capacity?
·         How does it handle in slippery conditions?

These are just some of the types of questions to consider and depend greatly on your particular needs and set of circumstances. The next most important part of the process is the test drive, which will allow you to determine how comfortable you are in the car and pinpoint any issues that you might have before you sign any contracts.

Call us today and we'll set up a time for you to test drive the vehicle that you've been waiting for. With our expertise and long-standing reputation, you can be sure you're getting a great car from a quality dealership that will take care of you.


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