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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Prevent Yourself From Buying a Lemon

Owning and operating a vehicle is as much of a responsibility as it is a right, but the truth is not everyone who owns a car is cut out to be a mechanic. It might not be particularly surprising that a car is an extremely complex machine, yet very few potential buyers tend to view it as such. Taking a small interest in the state of your future automobile, however, can be done with as little time as a few minutes. It will be worth it when you prevent yourself from buying a lemon.

Check the State of the Battery
The battery is the electrical core of a car, providing it with the energy to generate lights and sounds. Unfortunately, the most common problem with batteries is that they can corrode and leak over time. Knowing where a battery is located, as well as what it should look like, can save you from buying a car with a ruined electrical system. Check to see if there is any acid extruding from the device, and check the date before committing to a purchase.

Insure that the Tires are Aligned
Checking to see if a set of tires are aligned is something that should be done professionally, but who is going to do it for you at the lot? Having them checked by a mechanic would likely be impossible, but driving on unaligned tires can cost you a pretty penny as well. When buying a new car, however, you can perform a simple self-test. Drive slowly down a straight road with your hand on the steering wheel, but don’t actually move the car. If you feel the car pulling to one side, it’s time to set up an appointment.

By using these simple tips, you can avoid buying a car on the verge of serious damage. Unfortunately, emergencies and accidents that cannot be foreseen may still cause substantial damages to a new vehicle. Thankfully, the most professional car dealers in NJ are willing to help in any way possible! Speak with a representative at your local dealership today if you have any questions about potential issues with a motor vehicle. Spending money on a problem you don’t recognize will only lead to greater problems down the road.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How to Make the Most of Your Used Car Test Drive

Used car dealerships provide a much needed service that many people would be helpless without. Unfortunately, due to having a negative reputation and poor publicity, used cars are often perceived as being spruced up accidents waiting to happen. Indeed, purchasing an older used car does come with a few risks, but they are very rarely due to tinkering or tampering from the dealership employees. There are a few small problems that can go completely undetected by even the most honest salesman. Eventually these insignificant problems can grow in complication and inevitably become serious issues. If you want to buy a used vehicle, look for some of these telltale sounds that indicate something might be wrong.

Before You Leave the Shop
It is practically common knowledge that purchasing a car before you test it would be a bad idea, but are you aware that there are things you should listen for before you even leave the lot? Smaller cars are a favorite amongst used car drivers in the north east, and many issues can be determined from paying close attention to them. After starting the car, keep it in park and exit to the hood. Pop it open and listen carefully to the engine run for a few seconds. If there is any sort of squealing, clacking, or rumbling – no matter how faint – there is something wrong with the vehicle. These noises usually indicate that a part is either loose or damaged, and that the vehicle is in no fit state to buy run. If all you hear is the typical sound of an engine running, return to the interior and take your test to the road.

During the Test Drive
Since a car uses various different parts while in operation as compared to staying in park, it is also important to keep your ears open while you circle the block a few times. Pay careful attention to turns and breaks, if the car makes any kind of screeching, hissing, or squealing sounds then something isn’t quite right. It is important to understand what a car should sound like when you’re shopping or visiting car dealers in NJ. Making a blind purchase could result in a great deal of wasted money, and a continued lack of reliable transportation. Once you’re confident that your Chrysler isn’t making any strange noises, feel free to hand over that down payment!

How to Find a Scam-Free Car in New Jersey

In today’s economy, buying almost anything major can be a hassle. This fact is felt to an even greater degree when the item being purchased will be a part of the customer’s life for years to come. It is for this reason that informed decisions are extremely important when purchasing something like a car. Buying a product that is intended to be used nearly every day is an even larger concern, and must be approached appropriately. When buying a used car there are several things people must look for and warning signs that must be identified.

In a state like New Jersey, the car reigns over other methods of transport. There are so many places to go and things to do that a car is practically essential to life. Because of the large amounts of traffic on New Jersey roadways, having a used car can be problematic if it breaks down. Long rows of vehicles can accumulate just because there is one car stopped on the shoulder. To avoid this, purchasing a car that is both reliable and inexpensive is crucial.

While at a dealership, many cars have very obvious signs of warning that a buyer should be aware of. These include, but are not limited to missing paperwork, mismatched tires, or brushstrokes of paint. Mismatched tires, for example, may indicate improper maintenance by the previous owners. Even small initial hints may indicate that the last owner didn't take care of larger problems, such as potential issues with the engine. The last thing anyone wants to do is purchase an expensive bundle of future problems.

Obvious and messy brushstrokes on any car won’t give an entirely good feeling to a customer, either. This should be a clear warning that the paint will come off in the near future. Car paint is especially designed to not wear off, unlike house or other paints. This alone can serve as a motive not to buy a specific vehicle. Most
car dealers in NJ will have their vehicles maintained for oil checks, water, and other regular maintenance things. These things are checked on by the owner regularly, to keep a car running well. If the car does not have a maintenance schedule that is followed regularly, then that should be a red flag telling the consumer that the car might have larger problems down the line.

There are many issues that a car can have which might be hidden, but a smart consumer will be able to pick out these flaws and choose the right vehicle for themselves. In New Jersey, the restrictions are higher for vehicles, but once these regulations are known, a smart buyer will be able to purchase what is right for them.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Your Post-Holiday Wish List

It's that time of year again -- the holidays are over and you can now start to think about the things that you want and need again. Just because Christmas and New Year's Day have passed doesn't mean it's a bad time to buy. Before heading to your nearest Toyota dealership in New Jersey, consider the reasons why getting a vehicle now makes sense.

Reasonable Credit Terms – Gone are the days when it was difficult for people who had less than perfect credit to obtain a loan for a vehicle. Lenders are now offering loans at lower interest rates and even rebates on some makes and models. Check out the ones that are on sale and see which of them best suits your needs. Customers with good credit drive away from a dealership in a brand new car without paying a cent towards financing. Don't fret if you don't have perfect credit, though, because there are also great loans available at ridiculously low rates.

Updated Technology – If you're a technology geek, then the gadgets that come in new cars are probably appealing. High-tech features are now considered standard in many makes and models of vehicles; this gives buyers the opportunity to indulge at lower prices. Bluetooth technology is standard in many cars and allows drivers to talk hands free while driving. Hard-drives, navigation systems, satellite radio, and movie players are just a few other options for those who want to remain connected and/or entertained while on the road.

Better Safety Features – Safety is extremely important to those who have families and car manufacturers are stepping up their game to put drivers at ease. Anti-lock brakes and air bags are now standard in all vehicles thanks to government requirements. Traction and stability features that control brakes and throttle in emergency situations are also available in new cars. These features keep the vehicles safe and under control in hazardous conditions (such as on icy roads).   

Improved Fuel Efficiency – If you're looking to save money on gas, buying a new car will definitely help. New vehicles now have fuel efficiency features and improved aerodynamics that reduce gas consumption. Further, recent models are also easier on the environment because of new emissions standards.  

Some dealerships have giant seasonal lulls in sales, but a good one will have deals throughout the year for all of its customers. Head to our Toyota dealership in New Jersey to start your post-holiday shopping. No matter what you need, Autoland is always here to offer you the best!


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