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Friday, March 27, 2015

Get Your Car Ready for Spring Driving

It has been a rough winter for New Jersey residents, and people in general. With Boston getting buried in snow and parts of the south turning into an ice skating rink, people couldn't be happier to bid this nasty winter goodbye. A lot of people have spent freezing mornings jumping their cars and skidding on patches of ice during their morning commute, but winter ending doesn't mean that the tough times for your car are over. Car dealers in New Jersey can tell you how each season can negatively affect a vehicle. Extreme weather of all kinds can be troublesome for car owners and drivers, and when the spring storms come, you'll want to make sure that your car is in tip-top shape. Get your car through the next season by using the following maintenance and driving tips.

Take advantage of spring maintenance sales

car service in NJ

Have your brakes been acting a little funny? Do you suspect that your car is leaking fluids? If you have any problem with your car, get it fixed now. A lot of dealerships and mechanics run specials during the months of March and April for general tune ups and maintenance, and you should take advantage of them. When the temperatures start to climb, the pressure in your tires may change and you'll have to deflate or inflate them accordingly. Also, make sure that your car battery is in good condition, especially if you spent a lot of the winter jump starting it.

Be prepared for a problem

It's good that you've taken your car to a shop, but you should still be prepared for any kind of emergency you may run into. The mechanic won't have checked every part of your car, and the issues it has may not end up being the ones you expected. Keep an emergency kit on hand at all times and put aside some money in case you face unexpected repairs.

Take everything slow in the rain

When you're driving on slick surfaces, taking it slow is key. Remember, it takes longer to slow down on wet roads safely – essentially everything takes longer. Applying the gas slowly for a stoplight or traffic signal can help you regain traction and avoid skids.

Give your car a good wash

When spring comes around, you may think it will rain enough to get all of the road salt and grime off of your car. It will rain, but that won't take care of some of the more stubborn dirt on your car. If left to long, these substances can damage your paint job and even start rusting your vehicle – a kind of structural damage that can definitely affect the value of your car. Cleaning your car after winter is over takes away some of the risk of these issues. 

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Things to Consider when Getting Rid of Your Old Car

When you're getting ready to buy a new or used car, there will be a lot of things on your mind: how you're going to afford your next vehicle, the make and model of your next car, finding a car with a decent safety rating, etc. You'll be spending a lot of time looking for the best deal and the right model. Spending all of this time thinking about a new car may make you forget that you still need to do something with the old one. Whether you're considering donating it or selling it to someone who needs it, here are some things to consider before making a decision:

Evaluate Your Car's Condition

In order to successfully sell your car, you'll need to evaluate its condition beforehand to set a reasonable price. Kelley Blue Book has been a trusted resource for buyers and sellers for decades, and can give you a realistic estimate of the worth of your car. The Blue Book price is a good starting point, but you'll have to use your best judgment to see if there are any issues with or extra features of the vehicle that could raise or lower its price. 

Get ready for repair work

If there are any repairs that you know could improve the condition of your car, make them before you donate or sell it. Of course, you can always donate or sell a car "as-is," but you won't get nearly as much money. If you have a friend that's familiar with cars, you could have them give it quick check before taking it to the mechanic. That way, you'll know exactly what needs to be fixed, and avoid paying for repairs you don't need. Look for a service center in your area that only caters to people who drive your car brand. 

Get some expert advice

A Craigslist ad and a few Facebook statuses may be able to find you a few buyers but, if you want to get a good price, you should consider selling it to a dealership as a trade-in. You also might be able to find a mechanic who sells cars on the side. They could sell your car for a percentage of the sale and, because they already have regular customers, they may be able to find a buyer faster than you could. However, take care: some of these sellers can be notoriously shady, so you would need to vet your options well. A dealership trade-in would be far more secure.

Get rid of your "personal touches"

The bumper sticker with your favorite catchphrase may be perfect for your car, but it's pretty unlikely that NJ car dealers will like it as much as you do. Get rid any bumper stickers, spoilers, rims, and other special add-on items you've used to personalize your car. Don't wait until you find a buyer to remove them – do it before you start advertising your car to make it look more appealing!


Monday, March 16, 2015

The Extra Features Everyone Wants in a Car

If you're thinking of getting a new car, what features do you think are the most important? Some people will say that they want a car with a good brake system, and others will say that fuel efficiency is their top priority. Everybody has different needs, and when you go car shopping, you may find that an extra feature will make or break your decision. Newer cars come with a lot of bells and whistles and, when you're trying to decide between vehicles, the number of extras can seem overwhelming. Here at Autoland, we've noticed some of the trends, and are here to list some of the features that are most popular:

Extra Power Outlet

Think about how many electronics you have: perhaps you have a smartphone, an iPod, or a tablet that you use a lot. And you may not have a lot of places, if any, to plug in at work. This is where having a USB port in your car can come in extra handy. Many new cars today come with a USB port or two standard, allowing you to charge your devices on your commute or even your lunch break, if need be. The best news about this? If your car should break down, your phone will be fully charged, making it easy to call for a tow!

OnStar Safety Systems

Flat tires, engine problems, and even accidents can occur at any time, and OnStar is designed to help drivers during any kind of troublesome situation. OnStar advisers can call a tow truck to your vehicle, call for police assistance, or even just talk to you if you're feeling anxious in tough driving situations. OnStar does charge a monthly service fee, but it's worth it when you consider the essential safety features you're paying for.

Keyless Entry

Cars have been toying around with keyless entry systems for a few decades now, but keyless lock technology has come a long way. Keyless entry systems allow you to unlock your car by pushing a button on a remote. A lot of people see this feature as a minor and lazy perk, but keyless entry is also useful for safety purposes. No more fumbling when your hands are full of bags, and you won't have to struggle with keys if you're parked in an unfamiliar and poorly-lit area.

GPS Navigation

Many of the latest Toyota vehicles will often have a GPS navigation feature built into them, which is very convenient. After all, your phone may have a GPS app, but fumbling with it when driving can be incredibly unsafe; the system built into the car keeps your hands free.

At our New Jersey auto sales dealership, you'll find all of these extras and more. Call or contact us at Autoland for more information today!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

3 Things to Remember when Buying a New or Used Car

Every Garden State resident has different values when it comes to buying a new or used car. Some people would say that a vehicle's fuel efficiency is the car's most important feature; others would say that they're more concerned with the company that manufactured the vehicle. In any case, there's one factor that every car buyer can agree is important: the vehicle's cost.

2015 Toyota Tundra 4WD Double Cab std Bed 4.6L V8 SR5

Whether you love to penny-pinch or you have a lot of money to spend, the cost factor can make or break your car-buying decision. The easiest way to get a car you can afford is to make cost a factor from the very beginning of the buying process. Whether you're looking for New Jersey used car dealers or fresh-off-the-assembly-line cars, keep these things in mind to get an affordable car you'll be proud to own.

Keep the big picture in mind cost-wise

When you buy a car, the initial price you pay for it is only the beginning of the money you're going to spend. Do you know how much a tank of gas will cost for your new car? Some cars have poor gas mileage, or need a higher grade of gasoline, and will end up being more expensive to drive. Consider the maintenance tasks you'll have to perform, the car insurance you'll have to pay for, and a fund for any kind of breakdowns. Once you take all of that into account, you'll know how much your car will truly cost.

Used 2006 Scion tC Hatchback

Know your loan amount before you head to the lots

If you're going to be taking out a loan to get your car, you should try to get financing before you shop. There's nothing worse than falling in love with a car and finding out that you can't afford it, and there's nothing worse for your wallet than trying to extend your line of credit so that you can get it. If you go to a bank and get an idea of what they're willing to loan you, you'll be able to start shopping within your budget immediately. 

Don't obsess over monthly payments

2015 Toyota 4Runner 4WD V6 SR5

Some people are more than willing to buy a car they can't afford because of a low monthly payment, but that doesn't mean that you have a cheap car. Low monthly payments don't make the car cheaper – it just means that you're paying less out of pocket on a monthly basis. In some cases, your low monthly payment can add a lot of interest onto the cost of your car, and in the end that could make your car even more expensive.

Remember these tips when you come in and check out our impressive inventory at Autoland!


Monday, March 2, 2015

Lease a New Toyota in New Jersey for Only $109 a Month

Did you hear the news? We at Autoland, NJ car dealership and lender, have all-new models of the Toyota available for lease! These models include the 2015 Toyota RAV4, the 2015 Toyota Camry, and the 2015 Toyota Corolla. We have many of these vehicles stocked in our inventory in a wide variety of colors and with a number of different options and accessories. What's more, Autoland is currently holding one of the best Toyota lease deals in NJ, in which you can choose any of these cars for the low price of $109 a month! These three vehicles, while very different in style, are all known for their quality of design, durability, and reliability. Here's a breakdown of each style to help you choose between them and learn why they are so great.
2015 Toyota RAV4

2015 Toyota RAV4

These vehicles are ideal for families, as they are extremely safe and offer plenty of room for you and your kids (safely holding up to five passengers). They boast 4-cylinder engines, cruise control with steering wheel controls, and many other luxurious features. Many people love the 2015 Toyota RAV4 because it is a modern, comfortable take on the traditional SUV, yet is still highly practical for everyday use. Click here to browse Autoland's current 2015 Toyota RAVE4 inventory and to learn more.

2015 Toyota Camry

The 2015 Toyota Camry is a bit sportier than its RAV4 counterpart. The vehicle has a smaller 2.5L engine, 6-speed automatic transmission, cruise control with steering wheel controls, and many other exciting features standard. However, don't be fooled by the sportier appearance – the 2015 Toyota Camry is still just as spacious as the Toyota RAV4 and is also capable of holding five passengers. People enjoy the 2015 Toyota Camry for its cutting-edge style and use of modern technology. The vehicle even features a wireless charging station for your cellphone and other devices, without the hassle of all the cords! Learn more about the 2015 Toyota Camry on our website here.

2015 Toyota Corolla

The 2015 Toyota Corolla is pretty similar to the 2015 Toyota Camry, but with a slightly smaller engine. These vehicles feature a 1.8L engine with a 4-speed automatic transmission. Just like the 2015 Camry and the 2015 RAV4, the 2015 Toyota Corolla also safely seats five passengers. It also features great modern technology that may even be a bit more advanced than that of the 2015 Camry. This technology includes standard Bluetooth, a backup camera, voice recognition, steering wheel controls, and more.

Regardless of whether you choose the 2015 Toyota RAV4, the 2015 Toyota Camry, or the 2015 Toyota Corolla to lease, you'll be guaranteed to have a top-notch vehicle. Leasing provides you with many benefits, including the ability to obtain a new and modern vehicle that you otherwise might not be able to afford. Plus, Autoland offers the best Toyota lease deals in NJ, which allow you to pay a minimal amount each month and making the payments much more manageable for you.

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