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Monday, November 10, 2014

Toyota Rings in November with Three New Awards

Even though the weather is getting colder, Toyota is keeping things hot with newer and better cars every season, and the people have finally spoken. Both critics and consumers agree, Toyota owners can now rejoice! November has been a bonafide party for your favorite vehicle manufacturer, taking home the title of the most-fun, the most reliable, and the best-selling cars. If that wasn’t enough, the brand new 2015 Toyota Camry has just been labeled the bestselling car in the country. In celebration of the long list of victories November has brought, let’s take a moment to review some of the amazing vehicles Toyota has developed recently.

The Scion FR-S
If driving is one of your favorite past times, you’ll find no greater joy than taking the Toyota Scion FR-S Sports Car out for a joy ride. A recent study by Consumer Report shows that the Scion has joined the ranks of the Mazda Miata and Porsche Boxster on the list of cars that people can’t wait to take out on the road. “Its low curb weight and optimal weight distribution give it super-agile handling and balance at its limit,” and many other pleasant comments fill the report. The rear drive, 6-speed coup offers much more than just a great time, it’s also extremely affordable at approximately $20,000.

The Scion xB
When driving, consumers aren’t always looking for fun and games. Often times they are more interested in the vehicle’s reliability, and that’s where the Scion xB makes itself known. Consumer Report commented that this Toyota masterpiece is one of only 4 cars that received perfect marks on the rigorous dependability test executed this year. No matter what hardship, danger, or unexpected weather, the Scion xB performed beyond expectation in every category.

The 2015 Camry
The Camry is the chameleon of cars this year; not only does it come with a variety of optional features, but it can fit any situation. You can buy an economical version suited for the lone driver, or a high-power model that can cart around the whole family. There’s even a 268 horsepower V6 model that has caught the attention of many car enthusiasts over the past few months. You’ll even find a hybrid version that won’t just save you money on gas, but will cost less than $30,000 to take home. 

If you’re not a Toyota owner yet, but want to join in on the celebration, contact your local New Jersey Toyota Dealers to find the car of your dreams! Join the crowd of people who have one more thing to be thankful for this autumn, without needing to cook another giant meal!

The Do's and Do Not's of Getting that New Car

Who doesn’t enjoy owning a new car? The excitement that accompanies sitting down in a brand new vehicle and taking it for that first drive is completely unique. It makes an everyday activity fresh and fun again, especially when you live in a busy state like New Jersey. While you may be ready to put down an initial payment for your next car, consider the following do’s and do not’s from the New Jersey car sales experts at 1800 Auto Land.

DO Your Research
When you visit your local car dealership in New Jersey, you should have in mind a fairly decent idea of what type of vehicle you’d like to purchase. This will help expedite the process, as well as ensure you leave with the car you really want. By investigating popular automotive websites, you can compare and contrast the pros and cons of your preferred car and those like it before coming into the dealership. 

DO be sure to Plan on Buying a Car you can Afford
Yes, you may be in the market for a new car, but you don’t want to break the bank. Be sure to plan accordingly for whatever your monthly cost is going to be. Don’t make your decision based off of initial price offers found on advertisements, either. Speak with your dealer so you know the exact dollar amount that will be expected from you each month. 

DO Check your Credit
Your credit rating is one of the most important factors when deciding which car you will be able to take off the lot. Consult with your credit company to get an accurate score and compare that number to what your dealership is expecting. Under most circumstances, 580 or higher will be enough to help secure your purchasing a vehicle. If you feel as if you may need assistance, be sure to communicate with your salesperson directly.

DON’T Forget to Calculate Additional Expenses
Owning a car is much more than simply paying the sticker price. Don’t forget that you will also need to pay for gas, insurance, and potential maintenance fees down the road. The price of each will vary heavily depending on how frequently you plan on using the car, your own driving history, and many other factors. Consult with your insurance agency before deciding to make a purchase you think you can afford.

At 1800 Auto Land, we take pride in being the leading Car Dealer in NJ, and we maintain that title by keeping our customers happy. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, be sure to contact us today.

Friday, November 7, 2014

The Benefits of Bringing Home a Toyota Today

Life in the 21st century is constantly in the fast lane, meaning a vehicle of some kind is practically obligatory. If you’ve been searching for the perfect car before making your next purchase, the experts at 1800 Auto Land suggest that investing in a Toyota this year may be your best option. Below are a few of the many reasons as to why putting yourself inside a new or used Toyota is the best decision you could make when car hunting.

Personal Safety
You may be a perfect driver, but the same can’t be said for everyone on the road. Having a car that will protect you every time you start it up is a definite bonus. Toyota engineers and designers want their consumers to be safe, and in 2012 alone ten of their vehicles received the IIHS Top Safety Pick Award. With a long list of additional features included to protect you and your loved ones while driving, your mind will be put at ease every time you leave the house.

Maintaining and Maintenance
If there’s one thing most people know about Toyotas it is their long lasting, powerful, and durable build. In fact, over eighty percent of Toyotas that were sold in the 90’s are still being driven to this day! You’ll also save a great deal of money due to the small number of repairs or part replacements a Toyota typically requires.

Getting your Money Back at the End
If you’re a forward thinker, you may be wondering if how much money you’ll get back when it’s time to sell. You’ll be pleased to know that Toyotas have a long history of topping the Kelley Blue Book resale value lists. The Lexus even claimed the Best Resale Value Award at the Los Angles Auto Show last year!

Safe, long lasting, and a fine investment for future return, each of these would be a great reason to purchase a Toyota on its own. Yet, when you go to the Route 22 Toyota shop in NJ you’ll be sure to find a vehicle that promises all of this and more. Don’t waste time fretting over whether your next car is going to be a lemon, buy a Toyota today and drive away happy.

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