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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Factors to Consider When Talking to Car Dealers in NJ about a Car for Your Teenager

One of the most exciting things for our New Jersey Toyota dealership is when we see parents walking around our lots with their teenager looking for a starter car. It’s not only a thrill to have the opportunity to lock in a customer for life through our superior service, but it’s also awesome to see parents who are helping their children with such an important decision. We understand how concerned parents are with the safety of their loved ones. Today, we will take a look at the factors you should be considering to ensure you get a vehicle you can feel comfortable with your teenager driving.

Safety – Obviously, the most important feature in a car for a teen driver is safety. It’s the main reason people turn to New Jersey Toyota dealers. There are plenty of options from Toyota that offer superior safety in their class. Be sure to ask your dealer about the safety of both new and used cars. The nice thing is you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety. Some of our mid-sized offerings have five star safety ratings and modern designs.

Color – To keep with the safety theme, be sure to consider the color of the vehicle. Yellow cars provide more safety than any other color simply because they are the easiest to see. It’s why school buses are yellow. You certainly don’t have to choose yellow as the color of the vehicle for your teenager, but know that the brighter the shade of the color, the less likely an accident is to occur. Red offers a great alternative to yellow and just about the same safety features.

Fuel Efficiency – It’s natural for teenagers to want the largest SUV on the lot. They are awesome cars and they certainly offered the desired safety. The only problem is some SUVs won’t provide the fuel economy parents are looking for.  There are plenty of ways to compromise on an issue like this and our Toyota dealers are more than happy to discuss all options. Definitely consider the Rav-4 as it provides the look of an SUV with the fuel economy of a mid-sized vehicle.

Bluetooth Technology – One of the biggest causes for accidents amongst teen drivers is cellphone usage. Talk to your dealer about vehicles that come with Bluetooth technology. As much as parents want their children to stay off the phone entirely and focus on the road, Bluetooth technology provides a way for teenagers to focus on driving and still talk to their friends.

Once you have the vehicle or even before, set some ground rules with your teenagers. It’s important that they understand how many people are permitted by NJ law to ride along with them. It’s also important for them to understand that texting and driving is a great way to lose driving privileges.  When you take all of these factors into account, you can be sure of a happy experience with your Toyota before and after you visit our Rt. 22 Toyota dealer.

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Why an Informed Buyer Always Gets the Best Deal

The debate over buying new or used vehicles is one that has waged for as long as car dealerships have lined the streets.  Fortunately, the truth has been around just as long. And the truth is that the decision to buy a new or used vehicle is a personal one with many factors to consider. But for those looked into a used car, there are things to examine that will determine whether or not they get the best deal for their unique needs. Let’s take a look:

  • The Test Drive.  One of the advantages Autoland has over other used car dealers in NJ is our location. Our test drives provide the opportunity for drivers to test the vehicle on both local roads and highways. This is very important as you will want to gauge the feel of the vehicle in different driving conditions. Be sure to keep the radio off during the test drive as you will want to listen for any strange noises that could tip you off to potential issues.
  • Looks Matter. You may be purchasing a used vehicle, but you deserve a car that you’re proud to call your own. Take a good hard look at the inside and outside of the vehicle. Is the upholstery in good shape? Has the car been in an accident and the repairs left the car looking beat up or worn? It’s not to say that a minor fender bender is a reason to call off a deal, but you should consider the appearance. You’ll only be truly happy if you are proud of the vehicle you’re driving.
  • Consider The Reputation. Toyota’s are infamous for their value. The brand offers some of the most sought after used vehicles, because people trust that a Toyota will run well year after year. Consider the make and model of the used car you’re examining. Read up on how other people are faring with their similar used vehicle – it will provide a good indicator of what you can expect.
  • Get Down!  It’s never a bad idea to ask your dealer to let the car run in a parking spot, so you can check underneath for any leaking oils. A certified pre-owned Toyota comes with maintenance that ensures that fluids are fine, but it’s still worth checking for reassurance.
  • Ask for a Vehicle History Report. Knowledge is power may be a cliché, but it’s a fact in the automotive world. The more you know about your vehicle, the better off you’ll be. Get a report from Car Fax or a similar service and feel excited about your next used car purchase.

The only way the prep done before you purchased a used car is worth it is if you take care of your car after you leave the lot. Take advantage of preventative maintenance and be sure to keep a watchful eye on tire pressure levels. When you love a Toyota vehicle, it’s likely to love you back for the long haul.

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