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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Best Used Car Dealers in NJ Offer Helpful Tips for Test Driving

We love when customers want the best out of their used cars. It means we have the same goal. For that reason, the best used car dealers in NJ are offering some helpful hints for their drivers. Following the tips below can end in a result other Toyota New Jersey dealers can’t match; the perfect car buying experience.

Keep an Open Mind

We have all heard the expression never judge a book by its cover. The same can be said by a car. Toyota New Jersey dealers should make the customer aware that a sharp looking used sports car could still have problems. A car that may not look as stunning on the outside could run a lot smoother and be more affordable. The best used car dealers in NJ will point you in the direction of the car that matches your needs. Sometimes after taking a car for a test drive, customers will realize it is the perfect fit.

Take Notes

After taking a vehicle out for a test drive, a potential customer will have plenty running through their head. Taking notes can help any customer make an informed decision. We have compiled the best used car dealers in NJ to help you through the process, but proper note taking will help too. Compile a list of bullet points that are important to you. Once the test drive ends, simply grade each factor from A-F.

Turn The Radio Off

While test driving, checking out the sound system is a great idea, but it can be done in the parking lot. Once you hit the road, turn the radio off and keep the windows up. Listen for any unusual noises. The best used car dealers in NJ guarantee that with a certified pre-owned Toyota, no strange noises will be heard.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some Friendly Travel Tips From Your Toyota New Jersey Dealer

Being a Toyota dealership in NJ, we have the pleasure of helping customers from all over the Garden state find their perfect vehicle. As your Toyota New Jersey dealer, we know that our customers use our cars to visit some of the most exciting attractions in New Jersey. Here is a quick list of New Jersey hot spots you can drive to this summer.

Six Flags Great Adventure

Your Toyota New Jersey dealer is confident that you will spot Autoland stickers all over the parking lot of New Jersey’s most famous amusement part.  This massive theme park has fun for the whole family to enjoy. It’s a great spot for a day away with the kids.

Atlantic City

With all the savings at Autoland, we have help funded many trips to Atlantic City. Even if gambling isn’t your idea of a good time, the town has a ton of fun shows, attractions, and some of the finest restaurants in New Jersey.

Liberty Science Museum

During our time as a Toyota dealer in NJ, we have never met a customer that didn’t use their head to make a great deal. When you’re looking for some thought provoking fun, you can’t beat the Liberty Science Museum. It’s an easy drive from our Route 22 Toyota dealership.

These are just three of the great destinations to enjoy in New Jersey. When you shop at our Toyota New Jersey dealer, you can find a car that can take you to all the amazing attractions New Jersey has to offer

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

As a Toyota Dealer in NJ, We Have The Pleasure of Selling America’s Favorite Car

One of the best parts about being a Toyota dealer in NJ is the quality of the vehicles we can provide. For instance, we are able to provide the Toyota Camry to our NJ customers. A Toyota Camry NJ vehicle is one of the best options for anyone looking for a family vehicle. Not to say that customers should succumb to peer pressure, but the Toyota Camry is America’s best-selling car for a reason. It’s the best family vehicle on the market.

We are currently offering a great deal on the 2011 Toyota Camry. The 2011 version of America’s best-selling car has improved everything. According to Consumer Guide, “This Camry has a better interior, less bland styling, and superior power trains than before.” With these types of improvements, it’s amazing that the Toyota Camry NJ vehicle can be leased for less than $150 dollars a month, or purchased for less than $17,000.

The Toyota Camry continues to impress car buyers, because it remains affordable every model year, but refuses to settle. Every year new upgrades are made. These upgrades help maintain the value of a Toyota Camry NJ vehicle. When a parent purchases a Camry from a Toyota dealer in NJ today, they may just be purchasing their ten year olds first car. Few cars are a better investment than the 2011 Toyota Camry NJ vehicle.

As Your Route 22 Toyota Dealer, We Promise Reliability

Our Route 22 Toyota dealership is committed to the repeat customer. We take great pleasure in helping every customer find the perfect car for their needs. From the best pre-owned Toyota NJ vehicle to the latest and greatest new models, we have vehicles that can exceed the needs of any customer. With a commitment to repeat customers, our car dealers are interested in building relationships. We believe nothing builds a stronger car buyer, car dealer relationship, than exceeding customer expectations.

Our Route 22 Toyota dealership is known for its selection. In fact, we have more than a 1,000 vehicles on the lot, at all times. With this many vehicles to choose from, finding the perfect vehicle to match a budget, a style, and more is easy. We never pressure anyone into a vehicle above their needs, because customers appreciate an honest deal. Leaving the dealership in a great car is the best way to guarantee a person pulls back into their Route 22 Toyota dealership down the road.

The Route 22 Toyota family has been in the car business for more than 70 years. We have built strong ties, with customers all over the Garden State. We take great pride in finding customers a car they love at a price they can’t believe. Our showroom is open 72 hours a week, so when you’re ready for a great deal, visit your Route 22 Toyota dealer.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Perfect New Jersey Toyota Dealer for New Residents

Many Autoland customers have decided to move from the Big Apple to the peace of the suburbs.  While cars may not be needed in the big city, they can come in handy for members of the Garden State. We are excited to be your exclusive New Jersey Toyota dealer. As your New Jersey Toyota dealer, we strive to exceed expectations each and every day. From the best vehicle selection to the best service, we will help new residents of the Garden State find their perfect vehicle.

Many previous New York City residents have moved to New Jersey, because of an interest to start a family. Fortunately, we have a lot full of great family vehicles. For example, the best car dealers in New Jersey can introduce potential customers to the Toyota Camry. The Camry is America’s bestselling family vehicle. It combines the elements of affordability, practicality, and safety that parents love.

If fresh members of the Garden State are commuting to New York every day, they may not need a new car. A certified pre-owned Toyota is the perfect option for a person looking to get to point A to point B in style. We have a full selection of vehicles to meet the needs of any new resident. We promise our customers that they won’t find a New Jersey Toyota dealer that works harder, anywhere else.

The Best Car Dealers in NJ Are Improving The Reputations of Car Dealers Everywhere

Everyone has seen how the media portrays car dealers. From blockbuster movies to Saturday morning cartoons, the car dealer is commonly used as a punch line. At Autoland, you can expect the best car dealers in NJ to help you every step of the way. While, they all have a good sense of humor about their media depictions, the best car dealers in NJ are proving stereotypes wrong each and every day.

One common media misconception is that all car dealers want is the most possible money. While we love a good sale, we are much more interested in making our customers happy. The best car dealers in New Jersey treat every customer like their most important customer. Whether they are purchasing the least expensive or most expensive car on the lot, the best car dealers in New Jersey just want to make customers happy. Happy customers are returning customers and that is what good business is all about.

At Autoland, our main goal is to exceed expectations. If there is a special offer available, or a better financial option, the best car dealers in New Jersey will let our customers know about it. Despite the characterizations of car dealers, we know that honesty is the best policy. When you combine the best car dealers in New Jersey, with the best vehicle selection in the Garden State, you get a winning combination for our customers.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Take a Post-Recession Paved Road to an NJ Toyota Dealership

Did you ever think you would benefit from a recession?  Its impact on consumers and manufacturers is mutually damaging, yet in some cases, the dynamic of the two amid a time of post recession, benefits the former lot.  Now is a good time for consumers, with both good and bad credit history, to find their way to a NJ Toyota dealership.

Those who desire a new car often seek financial means outside of their personal funds. Aspiring owners, all anxious to get behind the wheel of used and new Toyotas, usually seek out a car loan. The landscape of the loan market looks traversable for both those with good and troubled credit.  Those with good credit, confront themselves with eager lenders who offer deals as reasonable as those sounded by your NJ Toyota dealership. Those with lesser credit scores do warrant closer financial inspection, yet it’s nothing like getting a mortgage or attempting to purchase a large item in a time when manufacturers don’t need the sale.

Longer loan deals enable car buyers to focus attention on a higher tier of models or to save money on others.  The recession sees premier models selling at lower monthly prices.  Have you had an eye on something you thought was out of reach?  Check out the available deals and loan conditions at an NJ Toyota dealership.
Banks, other financial entities, and all surviving businesses of the recession, make attempts to stimulate the lethargic economy.  A bigger loan than expected or one provided to those who are less qualified to receive one are derivatives of a time following a recession. Come in and talk to an NJ Toyota dealer representative. We’re ready to get you behind the wheels your current choices, as well as some you thought weren’t possible!

Dealerships know the demands families address.  They also know providing one good deal inspires good relations with a consumer who may soon need another vehicle.  Do you owe on an existing vehicle?  You might be able to roll that over into a new rate along with the purchase of a new or used vehicle from our NJ Toyota dealership.

Come see offered selections at our Springfield, NJ lots or use our convenient website to shop by model, year, price range, and more!  This Fourth of July, we’re celebrating our independence to thrive in a recovering American economy.  Come join us and celebrate your right to a used or new Toyota machine!

Living in the City and Need a Small Car? Car Dealers in NJ Can Help

Do you live in a place where you barely have space to breathe, much less park? Car dealers in NJ can help you to find a small car that fits your lifestyle.

If you live in a city, you know how difficult parking can be. Roads are busy and small. It's hard to park without getting run over, and having a huge car is impractical and limits your parking options significantly. If you are very fortunate, your apartment has a free garage. For most people, however, a parking garage costs money, and more money than they have to spend on a regular basis. Parking on the street can be difficult at 2 pm on a Tuesday. On Friday and Saturday nights, it can be nightmarish. Car dealers in NJ, though, have a selection of small cars that will meet all of your needs.

When you visit your NJ Toyota dealer, you will want to know a few things first. Ask yourself how small a car you actually want. There are many small cars that are surprisingly roomy that will give you plenty of space for groceries and the like. Also, because you live in the city, you will be at the mercy of the traffic. Urban areas are notorious for stop-and-go traffic that eats up gas. For city driving, make sure whatever model you get has good gas mileage. If you are trying to save money, used car dealers in NJ will have many quality options that are affordable and certified.

When you live in a city, space matters. Car dealers in NJ can provide you with a small vehicle that will make living (and parking) in the city easier.   

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