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Monday, June 2, 2014

Why Do You See So Many Toyota Camrys in New Jersey?

The Toyota Camry is a popular car, and if you look around on any busy street, you'll notice there's almost no car more common than the Toyota Camry in NJ. Why does NJ have such a love affair with the Camry? Here are five reasons:

1.  Because a mid-size sedan is the best size – I mean, we have nothing against compacts if you're single or SUVs if you really need one, but the reality is that most of us do want to be able to have a few friends or our kids fit into a vehicle without any hassle, and don't need to haul farm equipment. Even a full-sized sedan can seem like a bit of a gas guzzler with today's pump prices. The Toyota Camry found the right size vehicle for typical, everyday use and it stuck with it.

2.  It's a proven model – The Toyota Camry has been around since 1982, which is longer than many New Jersey working professionals have been alive. With 30 years of sales behind them, there are plenty of Toyota Camrys on NJ roads no matter what – and since Toyotas tend to last, the old ones don't fade away. Nowadays, the long history behind the Camry is exactly why so many people prefer the model, knowing that it's reliable and has all the kinks worked out.

3.  Gas efficiency – This is a big one. If you're stepping into the world of bigger-than-compact cars, you'll find quickly that your gas mileage expectations have to plummet. The Camry offers an exception to this rule however, delivering impressive mileage both on the highway and in the city. For a four-door sedan, it can't be beat.

4.  Safety – The Toyota Camry (and Toyota overall) is known for getting some of the best safety assessments from organizations like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Toyota frequently paves the way for the auto industry with new safety features that others quickly copy. When you drive down the road in a Toyota Camry, you know you're in one of the safest vehicles on the street.

5.  Cost and value – This is perhaps the biggest item on this list. While it's possible to find a cheaper car than a Toyota Camry, the manufacturer is renowned for offering amazing quality at extremely affordable prices. Toyota has some of the most impressive engineering in the industry and their cars are built to last.

What do you think popularized the Toyota Camry in NJ?



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