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Thursday, May 15, 2014

What to Look for in a Car Dealer

New Jersey has a lot of car dealerships. But not all car dealerships in NJ are the same. Some will give you more selection and better prices, while others will offer you very little but grief. It can be hard to tell what to expect before you walk into a car dealership, but there is an art to choosing the right one. So how do you do it? Here are our top tips from the experts at Autoland:

  • For new cars, choose dealers with multiple manufacturers – Some car dealers carry only a single manufacturer and don't sell new cars from other brands. Others will sell a variety of brands, such as a Toyota dealer who also sells Chryslers. Generally speaking, you're going to do better at a dealership with multiple companies for a few reasons: they don't have such strict brand loyalty, so they'll give you a more honest assessment of different cars; and it's easier for you to find out about special deals or rebates from a variety of manufacturers. Even if you think you already know exactly what car maker you want to go with, it never hurts to shop around—and you may find a parallel vehicle for a better price.
  • Bigger selection means bigger savings – Larger car lots have a lot going for them—and for you. Since they deal on a larger scale, they can often afford to offer lower sticker prices. And since they have a wide variety of both wares and customers, they may have more wiggle room on the final sale price as well. Smaller lots tend to play their cards closer to their chest.
  • Look for a robust used car section – If you're buying used, then obviously you want to see a lot that has a huge number of used cars available. Again, it gives you more choices and may indicate better prices. But even if you're buying new, check out the used car section. You may find something that's only a couple years old that fits your needs, and you also send a message to salesmen that you're not going to dive straight for the highest sticker price on the lot.
  • Respectful salespeople – You'll be able to tell within a few minutes whether the salespeople at a given dealership are going to listen to you, answer your questions, and respect your wishes or if they're going to be pushy. Follow your gut and avoid pushy salesmen.
What other tips do you have for choosing the best car dealer in NJ? 



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