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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Select Vehicles Continue to Dominate Sales Figures by State

Ever wonder what the most popular vehicle in each state is? Well, wonder no more. Experian Automotive looked at the sales figures of vehicles during a six-month period and compiled all the statistics based on each state of the union. The findings were not surprising, as pickup trucks dominated the Midwest and more fuel-efficient mid-sized sedans ruled the commuter states of the Northeast.

Mid-sized Sedans Popular in Northeast

It should be no surprise that safe, reliable sedans made a pretty good showing on the list of popular cars, and it's indicative of the current culture that they would have their best sales in the Northeast. The most popular choice seems to be the Toyota Camry, which reigned supreme in Maryland, Rhode Island, along with several southern states along the Eastern Seaboard. It didn't completely dominate the competition, however, as the Honda Accord proved to be the most popular brand of new and used cars in New Jersey.

Part of the reason for this particularly strong showing of mid-sized sedans is fuel economy. States like Maryland and New Jersey have a significantly high rate of people with long commutes, so it would make sense that these people value excellent gas mileage. This is why the most popular cars in these states are regularly cars like the Camry, Accord, and the Honda Civic.  

It's not just the Northeast, either. California and Oregon also kept up with the trend, as well as Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina.

Pickups Rule the Midwest

In states where long commutes were uncommon, the prevailing value of a vehicle seemed to be placed in its ability to haul and tow. The Ford F-150 was arguably the most popular vehicle across the states, coming in at the top spot in 22 states. States like North Dakota and Wyoming call on the Ford truck to do their heavy lifting. The F-150 has not only been the country's best-selling truck for the past 34 years; it's America's best-selling vehicle for the past 29 years. Recent advancements to the model have made it an even more practical vehicle for day-to-day driving, too.

Crossovers on the Rise

Peppered within the results among the trucks and mid-sized sedans are a few states that chose the increasingly popular crossover vehicle as their automobile of choice. The most common choice of these was the Honda CR-V, claiming the top spot in Connecticut, Washington D.C., and Massachusetts.  

The trendy class of vehicles has been steadily rising for a number of years and part of the reason is its practicality. More fuel efficient than a pickup and larger than a sedan, crossovers are just about the best of both worlds. The family market, which used to be dominated by minivans, has now been taken over by these family vehicles with their sleeker designs. Now, being practical doesn't need to look so dorky.



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