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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Drive Out of Route 22 Toyota with Your Car for the Next Decade

One of the main reasons drivers choose Toyota more than any other brand of vehicle is the understanding that Toyota’s are built to last. The car you buy tomorrow could very well be the car your child drives ten years down the road. When you purchase a new vehicle at your Route 22 Toyota dealership, we want you to feel like you bought a car that will be part of your family for at least a decade. That’s why we put together the following tips to follow to ensure a long lasting relationship with your new Toyota
  • Never Skimp on Preventative Maintenance – It’s not only imperative that a new Toyota gets an oil change every 3,000 miles, it’s also important that the filters and motor oil purchased are of a high quality. Paying extra on synthetic motor oil and the filters that are used during your oil change could pay off big time in the end. Also, consider keeping track of your tire pressure and driving in a manner that doesn’t put your car under unnecessary strain.
  •  Inspect Your Vehicle – The worst problems with vehicles are the ones that go unnoticed for too long. While things can certainly be spotted during your routine maintenance checkup, make a habit of inspecting your vehicle for a few minutes from time to time. In doing this you may find issues with the hoses under the hood, tires that are wearing unevenly or even save yourself from a ticket by noticing one of your lights is out.
  • Keep That Shine – Regular car washes may seem more about style than substance, but that’s not really the case. Keeping your car washed regularly can actually help prevent damage to the outside of your vehicle. This is especially true during the winter months in New Jersey where rock salt is everywhere and can eat away at your paint year after year.
  •  Follow the Laws – It sounds simple enough, but the laws of the road are put in place not only to keep the masses safe, but to keep you and your vehicle safe as well. The more law abiding you are on the open road, the more likely your vehicle will remain untouched. And nothing takes away from the longevity of a vehicle more than a preventable accident.
  • Cover Up – We talked about regular washes for a clean exterior that prevents body damage during the winter, but the summer months can be brutal on the body of your car as well. Leaving your car out underneath the hot sun day after day can actually lead to solar damage. Also, utilizing a carport will protect your vehicle from bird droppings as well as sap from nearby trees.
The best part about these tips is they don’t require an excessive amount of work but can lead to huge savings on vehicle repair during your time with your Toyota vehicle. A responsible owner will always get the best value from their car. Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our experts or stop by our Route 22 Toyota dealership today!

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