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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Knowledge is Power When Car Shopping

Buying a new or used car is usually a complicated situation. There are many elements to think about before making that final purchase–such as loans, payment plans, interest rates, car prices, features, warranties, this list goes on and on. Although there’s no fool-proof plan to scoring the deal of a life time, there are tips and techniques to the car buying process that may save you time, money and stress. When it comes to buying a car, the more research you do, the better your chances are of finding a great deal.

Not all dealers are made the same; some are trained to smooth talk their way into your wallet, while others have a more honest, reason-based approach. Keep in mind that your goal for that next car should be as fair and economically savvy as possible. With that said, you’re always in good hands at your next visit with a car dealer in New Jersey when it’s at 1800 Auto Land in Springfield. Whether you choose 1800 Auto Land for your next new or used car, or you take your chances at any other dealership, we’ve narrowed down 3 important tips to be aware of when your car buying process begins…
      1)  Knowledge is power. If a dealer tells you that a certain bit of information “cannot be obtained or revealed,” they’re probably not being honest with you. Every piece of information about your car of interest is made available to the dealer. Except for personal service information of the previous owner, the dealer can in fact reveal almost everything about the car, including invoice price, holdback, and if they performed the services, even the money spent on repairs is available as well. Just remember, you won’t be spared any important details when you shop at Auto Land for your next great vehicle.

If the car won’t appreciate over time, LEASE. Don’t fall into the pitfall of making massive payments on a car that in a few good years won’t be worth a penny. Leasing is the best way to keep your payments low, and allows you the ability to trade in for a new car after a few years. Standard maintenance fees are typically included in the leasing costs as well. You’ll win in the long run if you’re patient enough to lease when appropriate, and wait to buy when the car is worth the investment. Auto Land has the best purchase and leasing deals available, no matter which route you choose to take.

      3)   If it seems too good to be true… If you’re instincts are telling you a beautiful BMW with only 40,000 miles can’t possibly be this affordable…you’re probably right. There’s a huge difference between a cheap car and an inexpensive car. Never act before properly investigating the vehicle yourself. Always ask as many questions you can think of, gather as much information on the car’s history as possible, and remember: all that glitters isn’t gold. Fortunately, you can guarantee to find the widest selection of attractive yet valuable vehicles when shopping at Auto Land for your next car.


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